Framingham Animal Hospital

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FAH Offers New Telemedicine Service*

Framingham Animal Hospital is now offering remote healthcare using an online service!  To get started, you can download the TeleVet app to your smartphone OR you can log on to the TeleVet website at and create your personal profile. Add your pets (and photos!) and select "Framingham Animal Hospital Inc" on the hospital selection line.

Remote healthcare provides an opportunity for us to consult and provide some services without a trip to FAH. From the app or website you can start the consultation, tell us about your pet's problem, even upload pictures or videos. We will assign one of our own doctors to work with you. We will use instant messaging, phone call or video conference call to contact you, discuss your pet's health issue, formulate a treatment plan and (if needed) prescribe medications that you can pick up at FAH. A record of the consult notes and diagnosis/treatment will be yours for easy reference.

Sometimes nothing can replace a hands-on visit, and we may end up recommending an in-person visit to FAH or even a specialty hospital. But in the spirit of social distancing and reducing the impact of COVID-19, we are pleased to be able to offer this service. See the following webpage for more info and a helpful video:

We look forward to consulting with you soon!

*Only available to current Framingham Animal Hospital clients and patients.