Framingham Animal Hospital

1415 Edgell Road
Framingham, MA 01701



FAH maintains a complete in-house pharmacy. We have competitive pricing and the assurance of quality manufactured products. We are able to have medications prescribed and ready for you at the time of your pet's appointment or generally the same day as requested.
Refills can be requested by calling our hospital at 508-877-0900; it is best if we are given 24-hour notice. The pet must have been examined by our veterinarians within the last 6 months to have refills on any prescription medication.
If your pet is on a long term medication, or has a chronic disease that is being managed by medication, it is important that we monitor blood tests that help us tell how the medication is interacting with your pet's body, if the dose is still correct, and if there is any progression of the disease. Sometimes more frequent physical exams are needed to monitor the pet's condition. 
Prescriptions can be picked up from our pharmacy during any of our hours of operation. 

Occasionally some medications are "compounded." These are typically medications that are specially-tailored to your pet's unique needs, such as tiny tabs for the smaller pets, or liquids or ointments for those that won't take pills. Due to new state and federal regulations on compounded meds, we cannot stock a large amount in the hospital, but we work with a number of compounding pharmacies as needed to supply special pet needs. These medications can be delivered directly to you from the compounding pharmacy if desired.  Please ask our doctors or the pharmacy staff members for more information.