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FAH Pharmacy update 6/15/20

 One side effect of COVID-19 on the workings of our hospital is a flood of orders via third party vendors such as These orders arrive to us at FAH by fax or email typically, and have to be sorted out from all the other urgent calls and emails we receive, and routed to our pharmacy.

 Now we also have doctors working from home using the TeleVet app, and they are prescribing meds just like the doctors seeing office visits, and those meds are being filled at our pharmacy as immediately as possible.

 Phone or email refill requests for patients with chronic health care conditions like heart failure, diabetes, thyroid or adrenal conditions have to be confirmed by a doctor before the pharmacist can fill them.

 Faxes or emails from third party vendors for heartworm or flea/tick preventatives are also very common and urgent.  All of these requests are being processed as quickly as possible every day of the week, but we as we go forward, trying to meet everyone’s immediate needs while keeping everyone safe, we would like clients to keep a few things in mind:

 1) We are working as fast as we can, being very careful to be accurate and make sure the correct medication is prescribed correctly for the right pet.

2) Faxes and emails from third-party vendors may take a week to be processed at FAH, and once we approve and send them back, that vendor may take another 3-5 days to get your product to you.

3) Realizing that delay, you should order your third-party heartworm or flea/tick meds and other refills at least 10-14 days ahead of when you need them.

4) It is also a fact that we stock many of these meds in our own pharmacy, and ordering directly from FAH will not only speed up the processing of your request from 10 days to 2 days, but also allows you to support us, a small and local business, rather than a mega-corporation. Yes, we derive a small profit from these orders, which goes into the pockets of our employees and helps support our operations, which also benefits you and your pet.

Thank you as always for your continued support and patience as we all navigate the New Normal together. We look forward to serving you!