Framingham Animal Hospital

1415 Edgell Road
Framingham, MA 01701


Dear clients and friends,
Thank you for working with us as we all navigate the obstacles of dealing with the pandemic. As you know, as an essential business we have never stopped providing services for pet care during the crisis, but our operations have undergone tremendous changes.

1) We split our workforce into 2 teams that operate on separate schedules, to reduce the risk of having to close down completely if someone gets infected.
2) We have stopped allowing clients into the hospital, except for special circumstances such as putting a pet to sleep.
3) We are doing curbside pickup of pets and curbside delivery of foods and meds.
4) We are conducting most of our communications with pet parents by phone or email.
5) We have subscribed to an online service, TeleVet, that allows clients to share photos and videos with us and consult with our doctors online.

As of now, August 2020, Governor Baker has for the time being halted further reopening efforts, and progress is presently stalled in Phase 3 of his plan.
We are mindful of that, but we have to look ahead as well. We have gained knowledge about what seems to be effective in preventing spread of the virus (YES to face masks and social distancing!) and we need to use that knowledge to expand our services.
Starting in September, we will begin to mingle the 2 teams to allow more doctors in the building at one time, and allow more appointments to be seen in a day.
At the same time, we have to be especially careful about the safety and mental and emotional health of our staff. As we try to expand our office hours and get more of our staff back in the hospital, we feel they also need time to rest and recover with their families and loved ones.
To that end, we are limiting our after-hours phone coverage. As of September 1, the answering service will not be paging our doctors after 8pm. Clients with urgent medical concerns will be directed to the local ER (Boston West). The answering service will continue to take messages all night, but please be aware FAH staff will not see these messages until 8am in the morning.
At this time we are still not allowing clients in the building. We feel curbside pickups and deliveries, and curbside payments (or over the phone or via our webpage) are still necessary. As cold weather approaches we will be looking hard at what we can do to modify operations further, and will keep you informed.

Thank you again for continuing to work with us as we all do our best to get through this crisis as safely as possible.  -Dr Rabaut and staff